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Can the Baybayin Nomad Escape be cancelled?

We can only start the nomad with a minimum of 15 people to cover costs and make sure
the group is enough to create sense of community and everyone can save if we decide to
have spontaneous tour trip nearby. That is why we have a deadline of 1 month before the
trip for people to sign up. If we don’t have a complete group we will refund the deposit that
is made. (Please note: This is fairly new to Filipinos other might not understand why we do this.)

What is the Internet Speed?

Internet speed range from 10 to 20 mbps. We only use portable globe internet at the resort.
Since we’re expecting 10 to 15 people using the internet and we’re assuming it will slow us
down. Please bring your own portable internet as your back up.

Is the accommodation clean and safe for COVID-19?

Yes, we only work with accommodations that is accredited by the LGU. The Resort / Hotel
is clean & have safe certificate and accredited by pcao from the local government unit. Our official hotel / resort partner is Kingfisher Kite Surfing Hotel and North Beach Camp resort. We also request a latest copy of the resort/hotel staff negative results.

What is your Covid-19 Policy?

We are aware of the current health and safety regulations and respect all the restrictions made by local government unit. Full refunds of the deposit will be made by us in when you can show your proof your flight or trip was cancelled or you cannot travel because of government restrictions. If we get any restrictions by the local government unit to host events we will postpone the event and you will be informed.

Do I have a private room?

For this program we've arranged private suits with queen bed and double beds for every participant. If preferred you can choose to share your room with another participant or as a couple. Pricing upon request.

What is not included?

Your Room, Daily Food or Meals, Transport to our hotel, flights and travel costs, other activities and meals outside the program.

How much is the registration and room rates?

Reserve your spot: Regular Ph 10,000.00
Early Bird registration: Ph 3,500.00

What is included in Ph 3,500 registration fee?

Travel & Covid Insurance, Welcome Dinner & Introduction session, 3 days Yoga or
Meditation, Skills share, Fireside chat, mastermind session, access to resort/hotel – Kingfisher & North Beach Camp, Coworking Space, Access to common open kitchen, Wifi, curation of outdoor activities, Recap, closing or farewell cocktail BBQ bonfire.
- Travel & Covid insurance
- Processing your Travel Pass
- Welcome Dinner at the beach
- Day 1 only - Breakfast - Sunset cocktail, recap and farewell sessions at the beach-Bonfire
- Skills share, Mastermind fireside chat with invited thought leaders and speakers
- 3 days of Yoga or Meditation

How does the program look like?

March 21,2021: SUN Departure from Manila at 8PM / Carpool / Convoy
March 22, 2021: MON ETA-7AM. Welcome Remarks, Introduction & Dinner at 5PM
to 7PM
March 23, 2021: TUE Breakfast . Yoga or Meditation. 8AM or 5:00 PM
Skills share at 2PM ( with other delegates )
Game Night at 8PM
March 24, 2021: WED Coworking Day
March 25, 2021: THUR 10AM - 5:00 PM - Nomad & Business Talks
- Personal, Career & Business Growth Hack ( Jessica )
- e-Commerce (
- Social Media & Digital Marketing ( Kei San Pablo )
- Mindfulness & Meditation ( Sam Kapunan )
- Personal Branding (
- Marketing

March 26, 2021: FRID Coworking day - 8PM; The Future of Work in the PH
March 27, 2021: SAT Play & Explore Pagudpud
March 28, 2021: SUN Play & Explore Pagudpud
7PM Closing Dinner

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